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Step into the heart of Eshraq Group, a dynamic blend of Information Technology prowess, educational excellence, and consultancy & training expertise. Learn how we’re dedicated to nurturing a transformative environment where technology, education, and strategic guidance converge for a brighter future.

Our Story

Eshraq Group started its work in Doha, Qatar, in 2014 as a leading company in the field of educational technology with its “Mint” application for educational content management. The company worked with many educational bodies in Qatar. Then, the company developed its presence in Qatar by adding new activities, especially in the field of information technology with its various branches, as well as moving educational technology to higher levels. Then, the company won bids for the authorship, design. production, and revision of the Qatari identity curricula from kindergarten to grade 12 for Arabic language, Islamic studies, and social studies. With the company entering its tenth year and in light of the successes and expansion it has achieved, especially by adopting a diversification strategy in providing services (information technology, education services, consulting and training), as well as expanding the geographical scope to include the Gulf region, Africa, and the Middle East, the launch of “Eshrag Group” was announced to express the transition to a larger and wider investment stage in order to achieve the desired institutional excellence for the benefit of our customers and markets at the same time.


To be amongst top five groups in the Middle east that invest in human capital and add values to humans’ life specially in Education and Information Technology fields.


To deliver professionally the IT and Education services, consultancies, and products to our honorable clients worldwide with great values such as: Institutionalism, Professionalism, Accuracy, Credibility, Contemporary, Profit for All, and Believing in CSR.

Values Our 7 Pillars












Profit for All


Believing in CSR

We deliver cutting-edge solutions customized to perfectly fit your distinct requirements, ensuring world-class innovation tailored just for you.

Chairman Statement

The “Eshraq Group” operates according to a clear strategy that invests in people and upholds technology, which has become the language of the current era, and education, which has the greatest impact on achieving renaissance and sustainable development in societies and countries.


Our wise leadership in Qatar has paid great attention to the foundations of human civilization in accordance with the National Vision “Qatar2030”, which is based on education, culture, arts and technology, and “Eshraq” stems from this comprehensive national vision which has a global dimension and with its human & technical expertise and financial capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow for people in all places.


Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Attiyah

CEO Statement

“Eshraq Group” is proud of having specialized human experiences equal to decades. The group offers an integrated package of technological, educational, training and interactive services and mobile applications. Our mission is summarized in two points:

  • Providing interactive solutions that include applications and interactive contents in all sectors.
  • Providing innovative educational curricula and solutions in the educational sector.


Our companies integrate to form together a wonderful environment that offers our customers the best solutions that were specially designed for them.


Eng. Yasser Muhammed Asaad

Connect for Success

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